Troye Sivan.
Hi. This song and video, ages ago, made me 101% more certain on what I wanted to be in the future. And by that, I am refering to me wanting to be an oncologist and a better human being. 

This video is totally worth crying over. And it’s okay if you feel your heart clench, trust me it’s totally worth it.

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PS. The video belongs to Troye Sivan. An incredible human being and singer. 

– Sarah Rashid.

– Be nice, do good 👏

– Peace ✌

Laws over emotions.

The world is a better place with laws and rules than without them. Yes. Everything is peaceful and calm if everybody follows them. Yes. There would be a chaos in the world without them. Yes. But giving them more value than raw human emotions? No. 

We live in a world full of crime, wars, hatred, discrimination and diversity. In short, we live in a world of disasters. Heartbreaks are common for some and unknown to others. Living in continuous fear is an every day thing for some while others are not aware that it exist. Every human being has a purpose. So if you think that you have no purpose in life, then I can tell you what your purpose is. 

It is to help others. In any possible way that you can. It is to care for every single other being on this planet, regardless of their religion, culture, race or cast. Hate does nothing than give others pain. And even if you think that you have nothing that you can offer to someone, think twice. 

You can always make someone smile. You can always make someone’s day better. You can always give a good advice. You can help people sort out their problems. You can explain to those who are having  difficulty to understand. You can always make a person to stop crying. You can listen to those who feel low and help them get the burdens off their chest. And guess what? You don’t need money, power or any other thing to do those things stated above. 

Human emotions are painful and raw and real. And we cannot put laws and rules over them. I cannot simply accept it. Yes they are useful and yes they make world a better and sorted place but they are not greater than human emotions. 

Every day, we are surrounded by people who are going through so much we don’t know a thing about. Treating people good and human- like is all those people need. You are not greater than anyone and so just because you have more power or money or health or anything that’s better than someone, doesn’t give you a right to treat other people like crap. Because at the end, we are all humans. with emotions. 

I still don’t think that this post explains about all that I want to say. But I just want to say that we are all equals and we are all humans. Some of us can die in wars, while some of us can die in an accident, in a car that costs trillions. So if your hate and rasism and need to accept laws over human emotions is still greater than your humanity, then may God bless you. 

May the truth, love, humanity and struggle win at the end! 

Sarah Rashid

A person who is no longer afraid of the dark because she trusts her ability to shine for the sake of light. 

Sleep Paralysis 

Today I had my second encounter with what according to my research is called ‘Sleep Paralysis’. My first experience with this thing was during the christmas break. ‘Terrifying’, would be the word I’d like to use to describe both the episodes. 

 For those of you who don’t know what it is, Sleep Paralysis is a state in which a person is conscious, but is unable to move or talk or perform any such actions. Now I am no expert, so all I can say is that it has something to do with our brains and the Rapid Eye Movement ‘REM’.

People often say that during sleep paralysis, they usually feel something demonic, supernatural or simply a presence but well, according to science, sleep paralysis often comes with hallucinations, so that explains the demons and unwanted supernatural intruders. In my case, I don’t believe that I was visited by any demon (On a serious note: I do believe on demons, more on ones that live inside of us and create our dark sides. And since I am a ‘protector of myths’ I believe on each and every myth that exist, you just have to name it) – So as I was saying, No demon visited, however during the first experience, I hallucinated that the world was shaking, I didn’t know what was happening and I was ABSOLUTELY terrified! I couldn’t move, I wanted to scream and the worst of all, I knew I wasn’t dreaming. 

The second one was actually not that terrifying as the first one, at least I knew that I was having another ‘Sleep Paralysis Attack’ and good thing that it lasted just for a few seconds, however, the symptoms were as same as the first one, I couldn’t move, tried to scream but I had absolutely no control over myself. 

After it was over, I didn’t dare go to sleep. And thus the whole day was really crappy. So I just wanted you all to know what this Sleep Paralysis thingy is. It’s terrifying. No doubt, you feel like your time on Earth is over, but I guess I will deal with it just fine the next time it happens again. Yeah right. Me and sleep paralysis are good friends now 😀

-Sarah Rashid 🙂

-Peace ✌

Having the world on your shoulders.

When the whole world is on your shoulders, what do you usually do?

Do you cry? Or pretend that everything is alright?

How bad can it be to feel that way, though? 

Can it even be worse than what I feel?

And what do people who have never experienced it before think it would feel like?

I am not writing these questions to answer them.

I am writing them simply because I don’t know the answers to them.

-Peace ✌

-Sarah Rashid 

King Robert And The Spider.



And now
When all is done, there is nothing to say
You have gone and so effortlessly
You have won, you can go ahead tell them

Tell them all I know now
Shout it from the roof tops
Write it on the sky line
All we had is gone now

Tell them I was happy
And my heart is broken
All my scars are open
Tell them what I hoped would be impossible,

-Impossible by James Arthur

Hello. Sarah Rashid here. I write poems and all that comes to my mind in this blog of mine, in case you people forgot. I won’t blame anyone who did though, because it’s been 17 days since I blogged. I honestly missed writing and you could probably see it the way I am blabbering right now so without any further delay let’s start on today’s topic.

I remember that when I was in elementary school, we read this really inspiring story. I usually don’t remember stuff that old but that story has just help me fight through so much in my life I can’t help but recall it whenever it’s neccessary. The story is really famous so I am sure many of you would be aware of it. I think it’s called ‘KING ROBERT AND THE SPIDER’. 

The story is about the king of Scotland as far as I can remember. He and his army were once defeated in a battle. The king took shelter in a cave to save his life. He was feeling really dejected about losing the battle when he saw a spider trying to weave it’s web. Every time the spider would try to make its way up, it would fall down, the spider kept going up and then slipping down, it kept trying, and finally after a lot of tries, it finally completed the web. As King Robert observed all this, he realized how a small spider had tought him such a big lesson. He had failed once only because he just tried once. So finally knowing what to do, Robert went out and gathered all the soldiers who had survived. He went to the battle again and lost again, he went again and lost and so it went on until he finally won. And that day, he learned the most precious lesson of his life, ‘If you fail at the first attempt, try try and try again’.

And this why I love this story so much. I don’t care if it’s true or not. It is just so inspiring I don’t know how can anyone not take a lesson from it. I remember this amazing line from a Paulo Coelho book, ‘Only he who gives up is defeated, Everyone else is victorious’ – The Manuscript Found In Accra ( I L.O.V.E THAT BOOK!)

So, fellow bloggers, if you try and try and try, again and again, you do succeed at the end. I really want to know if you people have any such experiences and stories like King Robert’s, if so, please please C.O.M.M.E.N.T!!!

– Wish you people have a lot of fun in the halloween holidays, (if you guys get any).

-Hope you all had a great weekend.

-Be nice, do good.

-Peace to you all!

-Sarah Rashid 🙂



It is possible to make a beautiful fire even in the snow.

So we will let our dreams take flight

And our hearts ignite

Did you know that it’s true

Everything is possible 

There’s nothing we can’t do

It’s a wild and beautiful fire

And I believe in you.

-Believe by Shawn Mendes.

Hey. I know I am not really writing anything that make sense lately, but I am a little lost right now.And a lot of things are not making any sense to me as well. Nothing big. But I’ve been overthinking a lot lately. And I like or not, it’s taking a toll on my blogging.

To be honest, the response that I get from other bloggers even when my own writing doesn’t satisfy me is really fascinating. So that pushes me to keep writing even on days when I am feeling low. 

The stuff that I wrote above was not suppose to be the part of this post. But, whatever. In this post, I am going to copy-paste one of my old post from February 2015. I was really new to blogging back then but when I read that post today, it felt like one of the best thing I’ve ever written. So without any further delay, here it goes:


SUCCESS was, is, and will be the most wanted factor in a person’s life. It demands you dedication, honesty, time and your STRUGGLE. If we see and observe the life of the most successful people of the year in present, we may be left stunned by the number of failures and hardship the respective person might have faced. People who set their goals to achieve success at a young age with no or little experience are often discouraged by the society and are also advised by people to stay calm and keep their passions depth low. But researches have proved that those young people who set to find their destinations at young age are tend to be more successful than those who keep weaving their teenage dreams but make no efforts to work upon them. And then finally become the employees of those brilliant minds who used to bleed themselves to work when those teenagers used to be busy partying.

Recently, my passion for books led me to read a book named “THE MAGIC OF THINKING BIG’. The book was indeed magical the contents of the book were,

  1. Believe that you can succeed and you will
  2. Cure yourself of excusitis, the failure disease
  3. Build confidence and destroy fear
  4. How to think big
  5. How to think and dream creatively
  6. You are what you think you are
  7. How to turn defeat into victory

These were SOME of the magical book’s contents. The rest of them were also good but these were The Best. The moral of the whole topic was that YOUare the only person who knows what you can do. At many stages of life, people may discourage you, criticize you, and force you but the end of the day, YOU ARE YOUR OWN HERO. You will see the result of your success and in the whole painful journey, you’ll know the REALITY of this world.

The End.

I don’t know if many of you have read it before but I had to post it.

-Thanks for reading

-Have a good day

– Be nice; do good

-Sarah Rashid ☺

Expressing myself to 100 now.

We’re soaring, flying, there’s not a star in heaven that we can’t see.

If we’re trying, yeah we’re breaking free.

-Breaking Free, High School Musical

So. Here I am. When I first created this blog, I was 13. Now, I am 15. In these two years I literally had one or two people following my blog.

It was just a month ago, on a normal sunny day, that people actually started to read and comment on my work. They started to follow me and well, I was so overwhelmed. I am still trying to figure out what changed suddenly. 

I was still me, I still used to write just what used to come to my mind. There were times I felt that I was just messing around. But I didn’t give up on this thing. This amazing thing called Sentinel Of Phantasm.

Yes I did change. That 13 years old me and this 15 years old me are poles apart. But I didn’t give up on my writing. Maybe stopped for some months but I was unable to leave it. This, is my relief from all the daily life drama and stress. This, is my achievement.

And now that I look back to all those years I struggled with my work. I realize that I could never give up on my blog. It’s something worth my time, something that made me feel known. Something that gives me hope that I can  always dream and achieve. Because I can.

-Thank you to all the followers. I am so so thankful to all of you I don’t think I can ever explain how much. I know I am still very inexperienced and my writing need so much more improvement. But the fact that you people always like and appreciate my work gives me a feeling that I am going the right way. The way which would get me to my destination. Thanks once again. All of you. 

PS: What I really wanted to say was -‘yayyyyyyyyy 100 followers, GOD I am running out of words’- But well, my words and hands betray me sometimes.

-Thanks for reading this.

 -Be nice, do good 🙂

-Sarah Rashid  🙂

Call them ‘A Fighter’.

Like a small boat
On the ocean
Sending big waves
Into motion
Like how a single word
Can make a heart open
I might only have one match
But I can make an explosion
And all those things I didn’t say
Wrecking balls inside my brain
I will scream them loud tonight
Can you hear my voice this time?
This is my fight song
Take back my life song
Prove I’m alright song
My power’s turned on
Starting right now I’ll be strong
I’ll play my fight song
And I don’t really care if nobody else believes
‘Cause I’ve still got a lot of fight left in me.
Fight Song By Rachel Platten
Hola, Hej and Hello. Did I ever mention in any of my blog post that I want to be an Oncologist? Well I don’t think so. Well yeah, now that I mentioned it. I want to be a cancer specialist. Now whenever I mention this in front of anyone, the first reaction that I ever get is ‘Oh, so why do you want to be one? Does someone close to you was a fighter or survivor?’. Not that anyone asked me this question when I used to say that I wanted to be a dermatologist.
The point is, you don’t have to be a cancer survivor nor does someone close to you ever need to be one in order for you to have an interest in helping people to fight it. People have different interest in different things all the time.
Those people who fight cancer are legends, even the ones who don’t survive, they all are the winners, the strongest ones among us. They don’t need our pity. Yes we can sympathize with them. But we don’t need to show it.
The world is getting modern day by day. We learn how to fit in it, how to catch up to it. We learn and strive hard to not get left behind in it, and we adapt to all the new ways and trends that are introduced to us.
So well, This is one more thing we need to learn and practice really really hard. It’s that how to not make a cancer fighter realize in every moment of their life that they are fighting something they didn’t ask for at the first place.We need to learn to how to be just normal around them, to not pity them, to not make their life any harder than it already is.
I am no doctor or specialist. Well, not yet. But one thing that I know for sure is that every smile and a normal look that you pass on to a fighter becomes a part of their therapy.
So let’s just try and help through any way that we can.
-Thank you
-Have a nice weekend
-Be nice, do good
-Sarah Rashid 🙂

Recognize Your Super Power.


We are living in a world which is being destroyed, piece by piece, in each second that we breath. There are tons of problems that this world is facing and whether we address them or not, there are problems lurking around in the corner for our future generations. Be it global warming, which we may or may not know, could destroy our planet in the worst way possible or be it terrorism, or wars, or maybe even child labor even though WHO CARES UNTIL OR UNLESS IT’S NOT YOUR OWN CHILD  WHO’S WORKING AT THE AGE WHEN THEY SHOULD HAVE BEEN IN A SCHOOL LEARNING THINGS LIKE HOW COULD THEY CONSERVE FOSSIL FUELS.

Don’t worry, These are just four problems that I mentioned. And the irony is that some of them aren’t even considered “major issues”. And why should any of this be considered? after all, don’t we have Superman, Batman, Captain America, Iron man, and Aqua man *Don’t forget that the sea creatures also need some serious rescue* to save the day.

Okay, so personally, I am a HUGE superman fan but *tada!* time to realize that those people aren’t real. They won’t save the day when most of the world population would be uneducated, they won’t be able to help when the frequent oil spills, mercury and lead contamination in the oceans, and all the marine pollution would eventually lead to the painful deaths and extinctions of the most common sea creatures, nor would they be there to help when the world would be a peace-less place which it has become just now, at least the half of it.

So the point is that this is delusion and imagination of the human beings. We can’t be dependent on someone else to save the day. In the end, we have to be our own superhero. Even when you and I are no world leaders or public figures, we shouldn’t fail in playing our parts to protect this world which is just so close to destruction.

We can at least try to save ourselves, or fellow homo-sapiens, and yes at the same time we should continues watching and believing at all those superhero’s movies not with the  hope that they will save the day when time comes *And once again, the day is saved, thanks to the Power Puff Girls!, Sorry, couldn’t help myself* so yeah, we should watch Batman VS Superman and Justice League and Captain America etc etc not with some false hope that they’ll save us, but with hope that we can learn something good out of them, something helpful, something that would make us a better person for ourselves and the world.

-Play your part. Be kind. Do good.

-Thanks for reading

-PS: I hope you’re all having a great weekend!

-Sarah Rashid.


Liebster Award.


Well. It’s the very first time I’ve been nominated so I kinda have no idea how this works but lets see how it comes out.

First off, I would like to thank for nominating me. You give such nice compliments and you’ve really appreciated me a lot for which I am so thankful to you.

Here are:  The rules:

♦ Thank the blogger that nominated you.
♦ Write 11 random facts about yourself.
♦ Answer the 11 questions asked by the blogger that nominated you.
♦ Nominate 5 to 11 other bloggers and let them know they’ve been nominated.
♦ Come up with 11 questions for the bloggers you’re nominating.

Random facts about me:

  1. I am an introvert
  2. I love to take long walks in the forests ‘alone’
  3. I love my hairs
  4. I can just randomly come up with intense and meaningful poems
  5. I eat noodles, A LOT of them.
  6. I want to be an oncologist when I grow up
  7. I prefer studying over any type of fun
  8. I like all colors but black holds a special place in my heart
  9. I am bilingual. I can speak English, Urdu, Swedish, Hindi and some basic Spanish
  10. My favorite book is Ways To Live Forever
  11. My dreams are sometimes extremely weird

Questions by the blogger who nominated me:

  • What kind of superpower would you choose? Why?

I would choose flight (like superman!!?!?!!) Because I would love to fly like a bird or something.

  • If you had the chance to change anything about yourself, what would it be?

I have a very weak eyesight. Yes I would definitely change that about me.

  • One thing you truly hate about the world? Anything.

Ignorance. About the global warming and starving people and wars and everything else. The way this world ignores things is something I hate.

  • What is your perfect pizza?? *currently craving pizza*

With extra chicken and cheese, please?

  • What type of music do you listen to?

Always depends on my mood. Anything but classical.

  • What cheers you up when you’re motivated?

A table full of my favorite food.

  • If you could go out with a fictional character, who would it be?

Harry Potter 🙂

  • Do you watch F.R.I.E.N.D.S? if yes, who’s your fav character and why?

I’ve heard about it. But, Sorry.

  • Do you believe we are alone in this world?

Well it feels like that sometimes but I don’t want my family and best friend to say ‘What are we then? A POTATO?!?!?!?’ So, No.

  • A book or a movie?

I would choose a good book anytime over a movie.

  • Use one word to describe me as a blogger

Courteous 🙂


These people have such potential. Do check them out.



  1.  How would you describe yourself in just one word?
  2. How hot or cold is the weather of the country you live in?
  3. What is your aim for your future?
  4. Your favorite music band?
  5. How did you end up with a blog of your own?
  6. What is your favorite movie?
  7. If you can change one thing in the world you are living in, what would it be?
  8. Do you think money is the most important thing in this world?
  9. Who is your favorite superhero?
  10. Do you think you can end up with a book of your own?
  11. Describe my blog in one word.

Here you go. Well, it was fun. Hope it wasn’t boring. Bye.