The Seasons of Life

One summer you were on the top of the world
Smiling with friends and family
The sunlight shining bright from the glass pane
You hung out by rivers, roamed around the light fests
The air around buzzed with love and hippie songs played in the background

Another summer brought emptiness along
The gloom and sickness thick in the air
Previous bonds severed and no one to lean on
Eyes always shining with tears, your heart thundering
Nights spent sweating due to unbearable heat

The glad summer however was followed
By a cold winter that shattered the joyous aura
Just how after a painful summer
Came through a snowy and festive winter

Thus concluded little Sarah
That life has phases far too many and evolving
Facsimile of how the world has seasons
Cold and warm, dry and wet
Life’s occasionally hard to bear
But also easy to live with a smile every so often.

The Seasons of Life’ by Sarah

Hello fellow bloggers!

Since you all have been reading my poetry for years now, I though I’d let you know as well. I have started a gig on fiverr and I am offering to write poems.

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The Unfortunate Mortal

How foolish and mindless
The move of a mortal
Who wrecks his faithful family
To fabricate happiness with strangers
A true sense of his false perception
Tragic fate then awaits his choices

The stranger shall extract their greedy motives
Abandoning the mortal afterwards
Mirroring his action
Towards his blood sharing sacreds

Now as the mortal roams the earth alone
For he has driven far away from home
The time that went by painstalkingly slow for his family
Shall not return for him to regret and repent
A heavy price paid for spending the rest of his life in pitch loneliness


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Sentinel: A Chapbook About Life. Available on Amazon (2)

Hello Everyone!

Like I shared in my last post, I have published my first ever poetry chapbook, Sentinel, on Amazon Kindle. Kindly give it a look if you haven’t here:

Sentinel’s first ever sales ranking is here today. One of its higher current rankings is #604 in the category “45-Minute Literature & Fiction Short Reads”. Also, its current rank on Kindle store in the category of “Poetry” is #1,477. This is pretty good considering that the book has only been launched a couple of days ago.

Again, a huge shoutout to you all from the WordPress community for tagging along with me all these years and giving me the confidence to publish this book.

A very exciting news related to this book will be coming soon, hopefully tomorrow.

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Until then,
Have a peaceful day,
Thank you

Sentinel: A Chapbook About Life. Available on Amazon Kindle

Hello, WordPress fam!

Today, I want to announce that I have published my first poetry chapbook ‘Sentinel’ on Amazon Kindle.

The WordPress community has a huge part in this little accomplishment. I still remember the time when I first began writing here and had a constant of five followers for a year.

But I kept writing. And you guys kept encouraging. Amongst you people I have found my mentors, critics, friends and fellow authors and poets.
I hope you guys give the book a read. And most of all I hope you like it.

About the book:

Life is complex, but it is also very simple.
Sentinel is a very short book, that contains poems that discover different themes and emotions of life.
They demonstrate freedom, because they are not written bounded by any rules and restrictions.
These poems will touch your very soul, so much so that it would itch to burn and at the same time freeze along with them.
Follow the young imaginative writer’s journey to discover a different view of life.

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What is happiness?


Seems like some childhood phenomenon.

Honestly, I think it doesn’t exist. Happiness is a myth as a grown up.

The maximum I can feel is a rare feeling of satisfaction

Is that happiness?

But then why don’t I ever want to jump around and smile a smile that isn’t fake, when I am in that state of contentment?

That is why, happiness doesn’t exist for me.

It’s why I don’t feel emotional when I am in crisis, because it isn’t like those crisis put a damper on some very positive phase where I was previously experiencing, say happiness, in life.

It’s always the same. It’s either crisis or no crisis.

And I’d like to think that I have adapted brilliantly to both. But not anything in between.

It may be that happiness is a myth. Or it just doesn’t exist for me. Or maybe it isn’t meant for me at all.

Either way, I think I am okay. I’ll be fine.

A tiny grain in the cosmos meant to extinguish one day, what could the worst possible do to change that?


– Sarah


​According to the myths, when fairies grow their wings, they experience excruciating pain.  I think that humans are no different. When they grow, and that thick layer of illusion and happy sappy unrealistic stories sheds from around their hearts and brains, the exposure to all the hurt, lies and betrayal as a new person is […]