I was a kid with a vast imagination that always ended up with me making up the most bizzare stories and getting compliments over them. I wrote poems •still do• hummed my own tunes all the time and while others found it amusing that I was mostly playing alone, that was just me weaving my imaginary charachters in my fantasy realm and making them a world of their own, all of my own will. ●Made me feel really powerful and controlling●

So when my chipmunk of a cousin in the picture decided to pose for me, it just kinda brought back all the childhood feels. That look that I used to have in my eyes, so reflective of my illusion filled soul that dimmed over the passage of years, it’s that same reflection that deserves to be preserved and protected. So that it continues to shine and light up others worlds and also our own.



Sick Preachers.

​I won’t avert my eyes when I see them do wrong. I will see them with eyes wide open and judge them however I want. If they are the wrong doers, they should avert their eyes and look down or whatever. Not me. Never me.

This is how I will exactly survive in this messed up society and no one is to tell me otherwise.Because these so called preachers have a sick mentality but they can’t always do what they want. No.



​According to the myths, when fairies grow their wings, they experience excruciating pain. 

I think that humans are no different. When they grow, and that thick layer of illusion and happy sappy unrealistic stories sheds from around their hearts and brains, the exposure to all the hurt, lies and betrayal as a new person is also a deadly process.

– Hello. I know I was off since a long time but these are some raw lines which came from somewhere deep inside the heart.


There is too much chaos, too much unsettlement. We get to hear new tragedies around us almost every next day.

We show extreme patriotism when we are onto something, together, as a nation and as a community. 

We say each time after a new wound that ‘we shall rise again, and that we would defeat the culprit and that we won’t let it happen again, ever’

But we lie. Every single time, we fail. Every year, consecutively, we fail. Whom you may ask? 

The children of this nation.

It’s them that we fail. We fail to protect them, we fail to secure them. We fail to give them peace. We fail to prevent them from getting killed in the most atrocious ways possible. We fail, to make good decisions for their well being. We fail them by our actions and we fail them as a nation. 

– No matter how much outrage is shown by anyone of us, until further measures to avoid child abuse and torture would not be taken, until no laws for the protection of the nation’s children would be made, I don’t see any justice being served until then.


-Sarah Rashid.

Deal with your turmoil yourself!

​It’s one much less painful process when you keep your mental turmoil to yourself. 

No emotions get all over the place,

No feelings get any more messier,

No sudden blurting of the history of your pain is made,

And no vulnerability is shown to be misused in the future,

The turmoil stays in,

The rest of the world stay unburdened of your pain,

Life is good.

-Sarah Rashid

PS. Greetings Everyone. I hope all you fellow blogger are enjoying the holidays/vacations. Spread along your happiness; let it be contagious 😊

-Peace ❤

Letters To Fate.

Dear Fate, 

Please Explain.

“Small bodies,

 Wounded hearts.

  Blank eyes,

  Deep abyss.”

Yours Truly 

– Sentinel Of Phantasm

– Sarah Rashid.

– Let us all be humanitarians for today and forever. 

– Peace. 


I am here today

I won’t be tomorrow.

Happy for those I love 

My heart is still full of sorrow.

But my love is stronger

So the war inside is weak

Keep walking on this path of life

And just someday,

In the middle of nowhere

I’ll also find my peace.

– Sarah Rashid 😊


People fall in love with a person

People fall in love with a place,

Those who find this unacceptable

Are people in love with hate.

And hate, my dear friend

Is for people, weak by fate.

– Sarah Rashid 

– Peace 

A Better Generation.

When you teach a little child to be kind and helpful towards homeless, poor, beggers and any helpless person who is in dire need of saving, you are not only making that child a better person for the future – but you’re also making hope rise within the same poor, homeless or helpless that maybe the future would be better, with a kinder generation and those selfless little children who won’t look at them as inferiors.

So do good some today, prepare those little children in every way to make the future generation as better as possible.

– Sarah Rashid.

– Peace  ✌

Letter by fate.

‘Dear client,

Unfortunately your order for a sorted and normal life can not be placed. Your request was denied on the bases of being inconceivable. 

With sincere apologies, 


Dialogue Series # 3

-Sarah Rashid.