The Seasons of Life

One summer you were on the top of the world
Smiling with friends and family
The sunlight shining bright from the glass pane
You hung out by rivers, roamed around the light fests
The air around buzzed with love and hippie songs played in the background

Another summer brought emptiness along
The gloom and sickness thick in the air
Previous bonds severed and no one to lean on
Eyes always shining with tears, your heart thundering
Nights spent sweating due to unbearable heat

The glad summer however was followed
By a cold winter that shattered the joyous aura
Just how after a painful summer
Came through a snowy and festive winter

Thus concluded little Sarah
That life has phases far too many and evolving
Facsimile of how the world has seasons
Cold and warm, dry and wet
Life’s occasionally hard to bear
But also easy to live with a smile every so often.

The Seasons of Life’ by Sarah


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