Laws over emotions.

The world is a better place with laws and rules than without them. Yes. Everything is peaceful and calm if everybody follows them. Yes. There would be a chaos in the world without them. Yes. But giving them more value than raw human emotions? No. 

We live in a world full of crime, wars, hatred, discrimination and diversity. In short, we live in a world of disasters. Heartbreaks are common for some and unknown to others. Living in continuous fear is an every day thing for some while others are not aware that it exist. Every human being has a purpose. So if you think that you have no purpose in life, then I can tell you what your purpose is. 

It is to help others. In any possible way that you can. It is to care for every single other being on this planet, regardless of their religion, culture, race or cast. Hate does nothing than give others pain. And even if you think that you have nothing that you can offer to someone, think twice. 

You can always make someone smile. You can always make someone’s day better. You can always give a good advice. You can help people sort out their problems. You can explain to those who are having  difficulty to understand. You can always make a person to stop crying. You can listen to those who feel low and help them get the burdens off their chest. And guess what? You don’t need money, power or any other thing to do those things stated above. 

Human emotions are painful and raw and real. And we cannot put laws and rules over them. I cannot simply accept it. Yes they are useful and yes they make world a better and sorted place but they are not greater than human emotions. 

Every day, we are surrounded by people who are going through so much we don’t know a thing about. Treating people good and human- like is all those people need. You are not greater than anyone and so just because you have more power or money or health or anything that’s better than someone, doesn’t give you a right to treat other people like crap. Because at the end, we are all humans. with emotions. 

I still don’t think that this post explains about all that I want to say. But I just want to say that we are all equals and we are all humans. Some of us can die in wars, while some of us can die in an accident, in a car that costs trillions. So if your hate and rasism and need to accept laws over human emotions is still greater than your humanity, then may God bless you. 

May the truth, love, humanity and struggle win at the end! 

Sarah Rashid

A person who is no longer afraid of the dark because she trusts her ability to shine for the sake of light.