There is too much chaos, too much unsettlement. We get to hear new tragedies around us almost every next day.

We show extreme patriotism when we are onto something, together, as a nation and as a community. 

We say each time after a new wound that ‘we shall rise again, and that we would defeat the culprit and that we won’t let it happen again, ever’

But we lie. Every single time, we fail. Every year, consecutively, we fail. Whom you may ask? 

The children of this nation.

It’s them that we fail. We fail to protect them, we fail to secure them. We fail to give them peace. We fail to prevent them from getting killed in the most atrocious ways possible. We fail, to make good decisions for their well being. We fail them by our actions and we fail them as a nation. 

– No matter how much outrage is shown by anyone of us, until further measures to avoid child abuse and torture would not be taken, until no laws for the protection of the nation’s children would be made, I don’t see any justice being served until then.


-Sarah Rashid.