Sentinel: A Chapbook About Life. Available on Amazon Kindle

Hello, WordPress fam!

Today, I want to announce that I have published my first poetry chapbook ‘Sentinel’ on Amazon Kindle.

The WordPress community has a huge part in this little accomplishment. I still remember the time when I first began writing here and had a constant of five followers for a year.

But I kept writing. And you guys kept encouraging. Amongst you people I have found my mentors, critics, friends and fellow authors and poets.
I hope you guys give the book a read. And most of all I hope you like it.

About the book:

Life is complex, but it is also very simple.
Sentinel is a very short book, that contains poems that discover different themes and emotions of life.
They demonstrate freedom, because they are not written bounded by any rules and restrictions.
These poems will touch your very soul, so much so that it would itch to burn and at the same time freeze along with them.
Follow the young imaginative writer’s journey to discover a different view of life.

Follow the book page:


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