Pure and Free.

It’s hard to stop the development of young, hardworking, and determined people with dreams. You would think that you can even ‘pause’ their progress. But you can’t. No one can. Even in those moments where you think you might have restrained them physically or even financially, the minds of those with dreams are always progressing. There is no binding them when they are good, innocent, non-corrupted people by heart. They don’t have guilt eating them inside out. They never have anything to hide or lie about. No bad karma after them. No curses from people because they have never harmed any. They are pure. They are free. They are their dreams. And they are about to get fulfilled.


Inner Peace.

Hi. To begin with, this post is about no poetry, no excerpt, it has no quotes, and no stories. This is just my words and me. This is what I would like to call more of a personal articulation that I need to put into words because of any person who might need it. This is some ‘survival guide for life’ that I tried to find sometime in the past but didn’t. This is some ‘the goal is just a step far’ type of motivation and a call to move on and let go of the past. This is a post written to remind you to live your life and embrace it the way it is. To not utterly reject the ideas of nature and the stuff that it has in store for you.  So, if this message helps even one of you to address to the queries and confusion that you have with life, then it’s ‘mission accomplished’ for me.

I am Sarah, and all that I have managed to accomplish in the total seventeen years of my existence, is this blog. I am proud of it. This blog is my first step towards my passion for writing. This is my safe zone, my ‘salvus’. I was shown this way of writing by life when I didn’t need it. When I had everything I thought I’d ever want. But when life has plans, you just simply cannot go against them. You trail along without questions and grip tightly, the thread of hope. You don’t think of going back and you keep up your trust on life and your own fate. Because then, even if life ends up taking you along to a dead end, you still are free of regrets and all the heart burdening ‘what ifs’. You then end up gaining what according to me is the most precious nutrition for your soul. Your Inner Peace.

Apart from this blog, I have other dreams. Some other goals and plans to achieve. Those do include Nobel Prize, Harvard, Oncology, Philanthropy, Bestseller, Album, and a hundred other all sort of massive and tiny things that make my heartbeat accelerate just at the name of them. But I’ve never known my destiny to be kind enough to grant me with even one of these completely fulfilled dream, let alone all of them. So I’ve learnt an even greater way to look at them. I’ve learnt to strive for them but not worship and revolve around them.

Your inner peace tends to do that for you. It gives you the same amount of satisfaction that would have come with achieving your goals, even if you don’t achieve them and lose, given that you have striven your utmost and laid out your sweat and blood for it. It stops making any difference and what begins to matter the most, greater than your goals, your destiny, fate, and your life, is you.

That, is the power of your inner peace. It’s inside of every one of us. Hidden. Waiting to be unraveled. It may take some effort to find it or it may be a piece of cake. Go find it. Grab it. And don’t let go. Welcome to the ultimate bliss called life.