Infering the ending of ‘the great gatsby’.

Watching THE GREAT GATSBY  was although not at all a good experience, I still can’t get over its ending… I began to take interest in the movie when Gatsby and Daisy were coming back from Tom’s house and Daisy ran over a women who died at the spot, while driving. I felt it to be the turning point of the story but the events that followed after this scene changed my view that the movie was same as other films, one with no reality or truth in the end. Its ending was indeed related to the ugly truth of this world. For those who didn’t watch the movie, the movie ended on this note that ALL THOSE PEOPLE WHO ONCE ENJOYED THE HOSPITALITY IN GATSBY’S PARTY, DIDN’T BOTHER ABOUT HIM OR EVEN HIS FUNERAL AFTER HIS DEATH .AND THAT ALL THOSE PEOPLE FOR WHOM GATSBY GAVE UP HIS LIFE WERE LEAST BOTHER ABOUT HIM WHEN THEY FOUND BETTER OPTIONS.

Now the reason as to why I was discussing this is that I feel pity for people who think that everyone who promise to be with them forever, would actually be with them for a life time. While I think that this can be as nothing but a sad illusion of those people. We can see this fact in this way that you are staying with your family from the time of your birth, and they really support you and give you hope in every stage of your life, then you meet new people in different phases of your life. They MAY meet you every day, week and year and become really close to you but think for a while that CAN their closeness could become same as the once staying with you since you were born. For me, the answer is no, because I can’t expect someone to remain with me while I am of no use to them. People always go for better options. No one can be with you for a lifetime. People change, situations change. Just like Gatsby’s. People enjoyed his party and not a single one turned down his invitation… but then NOT A SINGLE ONE TURNED UP AT HIS FUNERAL.