Rogue Wolf And The Alpha.

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She lived alone

She died alone

And in between

She fought alone.


He lived with his pack

He died for his pack

And in between

He fought by his pack.

-Sarah Rashid




Altair and Vega.

The star crossed lovers.

They were like them.

She and her imagination.

Since she was a child, Everyone thought she plays alone, talks with her own self, is unaffected by the surroundings. But that was the point. They couldn’t see into her imagination. And she loved that part. Her imagination. Something that belonged to only her.

But then something happened. Something unknown. And just like they say ‘ The unknown is dangerous, yet the most beautiful’

Can’t believe that now, can she?

She had lost a part of her. Her imaginary world. The one that was her escape from the harsh reality. It was because she dreamed no more. She had no imagination left. Thus the most precious thing, her imaginary world – vanished. She couldn’t sleep at night the reason being, she had nothing to sleep to or for.

No peaceful world where everything happened according to her will. No dreams. No nightmares. No battles. No adventures. No expectations. No fairies. No heroes. Nothing that would make her feel like she was gifted with special powers.

What was left was just blankness. Blankness of the mind and soul. Her fears and demons had eaten it all. A shallow dreamless girl took over instead.

Now she’ll keep it all inside of her. She won’t expect. Won’t dream. Won’t complain. She won’t let it show.

But someday, she might get her gift back. Her imaginary world back. Her dreams back. Her expectations back.

It may take a day. it may take a week, it may take months, years. Or it may take forever. Till her destiny wants.

Till the real her resurfaces.

She’ll wait.

After all, she can’t be defeated, right?

– Sarah Rashid

– Peace.

A Unicorn’s trust.

The unicorn revealed it’s identity

Because it trusted them

But they were them, cruel and needy

‘Haven’t you ever heard’ they said 

‘Your horn is the most precious’.

Or so they thought.

Little did they know,

The most precious thing did belong to the unicorn

Just that it wasn’t the horn

But the trust that it had placed in them.


For an eternity. 

And thus the thing most precious,

Will never be given away.

– Sarah Rashid 😊

– Hi. This is not the like my usual poem or piece of writing. I am not even sure if it is good enough but it quiet does hold a message.

– Peace ✌

Crushed Dreams.

She can’t trust them now. Not with her heart crushed into pieces. The once upon a time dreamer girl, is now gone.

The kindness in her is the only thing keeping her sane. After all she did crush her dreams by her own hands. And so with that, 

Gone is the hope element in her life.

She let go.

Still breaking. 

But a bit stoner than before.

-Sarah Rashid 

– I hope you guys remember my slogan? 

– Be nice, do good 😊

-Peace ✌