I am here today

I won’t be tomorrow.

Happy for those I love 

My heart is still full of sorrow.

But my love is stronger

So the war inside is weak

Keep walking on this path of life

And just someday,

In the middle of nowhere

I’ll also find my peace.

– Sarah Rashid 😊


People fall in love with a person

People fall in love with a place,

Those who find this unacceptable

Are people in love with hate.

And hate, my dear friend

Is for people, weak by fate.

– Sarah Rashid 

– Peace 

A Better Generation.

When you teach a little child to be kind and helpful towards homeless, poor, beggers and any helpless person who is in dire need of saving, you are not only making that child a better person for the future – but you’re also making hope rise within the same poor, homeless or helpless that maybe the future would be better, with a kinder generation and those selfless little children who won’t look at them as inferiors.

So do good some today, prepare those little children in every way to make the future generation as better as possible.

– Sarah Rashid.

– Peace  ✌