World Environment Day.

Hello fellas! Today is a really special day. Yup. Happy World Environment Day. 

Was your reaction like “Who cares?”

Then I can’t say anything but this.

You are going to regret, not caring, in about the next ten years. Even though I really wish you won’t. But not caring and being ignorant, about something as beautiful as our environment and our nature, would end up in nothing but utter disaster. 

Just remember that no matter how bad it is today, it can always get worse. But it can also get better. The choice is in your hand and so is the change. 

I do understand that everything that comes free without any cost doesn’t have much value. But trust me, we should never underestimate the environment. 

It’s something so precious. But like all other precious things, it can be destroyed in just moments. Not all the people in this entire world are living in the same environment. It’s different for all. Beautiful for some and painful for the others. 

And by that, I don’t mean just humans. I mean the animals, plants amd all the other species, who we rarely think about.

 All we can do, is learn and try to preserve and appreciate it. Try to make it better for us, and the future generations.

Yeah, I mean that’s all I wanted to say. 

And as a treat for this day, I want to share some of my really nice shots. 

– Sarah Rashid 

Copyright rights reserved ©

Who would have the heart to pollute this mesmerising water in this photo?

Don't you think all of it's fellow species deserve to grow up in the same surroundings?


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