‘action/1d’ It’s worth taking a chance.

The famous band ‘One Direction’ is playing its part as a part of this society. Well the link in this post is the video part of the ‘action/1d’. The action is also briefly described in the same video. The most amazing part is that we can find the views of each and every person from every category, no matter what colour, religion, cast or creed. It contains the same pain and passion a person need to have to make a change in the society. It addresses the ‘World Leaders’, it’s actually a kind of a wakeup call for them.

The message of the video is what touches my heart. It made me feel like the hope for the best is not completely lost. Together on any type of base, we can unite once again, it also made me feel like I am not the only one willing to make my part, there is a HUGE HUGE number of people willing to work for change, if that is the only option for betterment. By supporting each other, we can make it a mission to work with ambition to eradicate hunger, inequality, pollution, crime, injustice and indifferences throughout the globe.

I believe that working together is our only chance. We NEED to make our part rather than making the world worse. If you are a young, do it for your future and it you are old, do it for the future of your generations, and if not for anyone, atleast do it for the sake of humanity. By not concentrating on these issues mentioned in the video, we’ll most probably make our future a living hell. We don’t deserve this, we never did. But we chose it and even now the choice is OURS. And if we don’t take the decision now, we WILL face the consequences. I believe that it’s better to do something because if we won’t take action even after being aware of someone’s suffering, we will be responsible for their pain and tears. We just live life for once, if we spend it to benefit the others and die with no guilt and regrets than we can make a living example for those after us. Because this world is not for ME or YOU, but for US.