A Better Generation.

When you teach a little child to be kind and helpful towards homeless, poor, beggers and any helpless person who is in dire need of saving, you are not only making that child a better person for the future – but you’re also making hope rise within the same poor, homeless or helpless that maybe the future would be better, with a kinder generation and those selfless little children who won’t look at them as inferiors.

So do good some today, prepare those little children in every way to make the future generation as better as possible.

– Sarah Rashid.

– Peace  ✌


Letter by fate.

‘Dear client,

Unfortunately your order for a sorted and normal life can not be placed. Your request was denied on the bases of being inconceivable. 

With sincere apologies, 


Dialogue Series # 3

-Sarah Rashid.


Accidents are a part of life. They can happen anytime, anywhere. It’s just that some of them are easy to forget. While others leave scars on the body, and sometimes, even on the soul, to remember for a lifetime.

– Sarah Rashid. 

She lay there with her nose and the side of her head bleeding. The car that almost hit her bicycle and caused her to tumble down the slope, gone. A good show the driver must have gotten. Seeing how she tried to avoid colliding with the car which in turn caused her to lose control over her bicycle and sent her flying and hitting the ground, Her and the bicycle laying apart now. Her spectacles broken and laying somewhere far away from her. She did not have a particularly good vision without them.

Till now even the cars that were passing by began to slow down. No, they did not stop. They were just curious to see an injured girl with a little too much blood on her face. Maybe they thought she was strong enough to manage it all by herself, even when it was hard for her to stand up with both her knees bleeding, but they did not know that right? Yes, that felt much better.

She heard two or three children crying from a little far away. Did she look that terrifying with the blood on her face? Turns out they were crying because, well, she was hurt and they felt bad. ‘Finally!’ a part of her screamed out. The children that looked around five to six years old helped her stand up. One of them got her broken glasses from the side of the road. ‘Finally!’ she thought again. It felt good to be able to clearly see the mess she was in right now. Time to take actions.

She thanked her little saviors and convinced them that she’ll be fine but they stayed. Her head was aching. She noticed that her elbow had the nastiest wound. She was unable to move her left thumb and her nose was bleeding profusely. She was really near to her house but she wasn’t sure if she’d be able to walk back. So, finally a thought graced it’s presence. Time to make some use of that unnecessarily expensive birthday gift. 

She took out the mobile which was thankfully in her backpack, undamaged, and called her mum. Not wanting to make her worry, she just told her that she had fallen from her bicycle and the legs are hurt. But her Mum, as usual, got hyped and sent her brother on the way to where she was, telling her to keep talking on the phone till he reaches her.

Luck finally kicked in and as her brother reached her and loudly admitted with a gasp that the mess was indeed a bit too much, her elder sister came from the opposite side as well, and her Mum, obviously having heard the ongoing discussion on the phone wasted no time to reach her as well.Yayy to the ultimate family reunion. 
And well folks, the rest is all history. The family walked their way to the clinic and the girl was confirmed to have a metacarpal fracture, mild brain concussion and some really ‘scar worthy’ wounds here and there.

 End of the story, as she walked back home and crossed the place where the above series of unfortunate events happened, like her falling down, people actually slowing down but never stopping to help an injured girl, She saw some blood, her blood there and at that exact moment, did she realize, even with an unstable mind condition, that her so called hope was losing. That humanity is indeed on the verge of extinction and even when knew she had to save that from happening, she had no clue on how to. And little did she also realize that a person like her, sure didn’t deserve to be disappointed in the way she was that day.

***Drum roll*** 

 *Theeeee End*

– Based on true events *Smirks*

-Sarah Rashid

-Peace ✌

World Environment Day.

Hello fellas! Today is a really special day. Yup. Happy World Environment Day. 

Was your reaction like “Who cares?”

Then I can’t say anything but this.

You are going to regret, not caring, in about the next ten years. Even though I really wish you won’t. But not caring and being ignorant, about something as beautiful as our environment and our nature, would end up in nothing but utter disaster. 

Just remember that no matter how bad it is today, it can always get worse. But it can also get better. The choice is in your hand and so is the change. 

I do understand that everything that comes free without any cost doesn’t have much value. But trust me, we should never underestimate the environment. 

It’s something so precious. But like all other precious things, it can be destroyed in just moments. Not all the people in this entire world are living in the same environment. It’s different for all. Beautiful for some and painful for the others. 

And by that, I don’t mean just humans. I mean the animals, plants amd all the other species, who we rarely think about.

 All we can do, is learn and try to preserve and appreciate it. Try to make it better for us, and the future generations.

Yeah, I mean that’s all I wanted to say. 

And as a treat for this day, I want to share some of my really nice shots. 

– Sarah Rashid 

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Who would have the heart to pollute this mesmerising water in this photo?

Don't you think all of it's fellow species deserve to grow up in the same surroundings?


Lies – They protect us when we are children.

Break us once we grow old.

“Hush now dear children, It must be this way,
To weary of life and deceptions.
Rest now my children, For soon we’ll away,
Into the calm and the quiet”.

Wasn’t this what they sung to us when we were little? Told us we were suppose to be the guardians of this tale. And all the other tales that they made us believe in?

Did they change their assertions once we grew older?

Or did they lie all the while we stared at them in fascination?

But what are we suppose to do now? Now that we are no more children. And they are no more our tale tellers. Are we still the guardians of those tales. Or should we make a fake utterance like them and change it conventionally?

All these questions. All the inner conflict.

Only because we were lied to, as children – for the sake of our protection.

But now that we’re older – the same lies are breaking our existence.

And this is why I believe that –

Lies – They protect us when we are children.

Break us once we grow old.

– Sarah Rashid

PS. Crossed a thousand followers some weeks ago. Thanks to all of you – Have a nice day.

Don’t forget to be nice and do some good for others.




Altair and Vega.

The star crossed lovers.

They were like them.

She and her imagination.

Since she was a child, Everyone thought she plays alone, talks with her own self, is unaffected by the surroundings. But that was the point. They couldn’t see into her imagination. And she loved that part. Her imagination. Something that belonged to only her.

But then something happened. Something unknown. And just like they say ‘ The unknown is dangerous, yet the most beautiful’

Can’t believe that now, can she?

She had lost a part of her. Her imaginary world. The one that was her escape from the harsh reality. It was because she dreamed no more. She had no imagination left. Thus the most precious thing, her imaginary world – vanished. She couldn’t sleep at night the reason being, she had nothing to sleep to or for.

No peaceful world where everything happened according to her will. No dreams. No nightmares. No battles. No adventures. No expectations. No fairies. No heroes. Nothing that would make her feel like she was gifted with special powers.

What was left was just blankness. Blankness of the mind and soul. Her fears and demons had eaten it all. A shallow dreamless girl took over instead.

Now she’ll keep it all inside of her. She won’t expect. Won’t dream. Won’t complain. She won’t let it show.

But someday, she might get her gift back. Her imaginary world back. Her dreams back. Her expectations back.

It may take a day. it may take a week, it may take months, years. Or it may take forever. Till her destiny wants.

Till the real her resurfaces.

She’ll wait.

After all, she can’t be defeated, right?

– Sarah Rashid

– Peace.

A Unicorn’s trust.

The unicorn revealed it’s identity

Because it trusted them

But they were them, cruel and needy

‘Haven’t you ever heard’ they said 

‘Your horn is the most precious’.

Or so they thought.

Little did they know,

The most precious thing did belong to the unicorn

Just that it wasn’t the horn

But the trust that it had placed in them.


For an eternity. 

And thus the thing most precious,

Will never be given away.

– Sarah Rashid 😊

– Hi. This is not the like my usual poem or piece of writing. I am not even sure if it is good enough but it quiet does hold a message.

– Peace ✌