10 thoughts on “Reply from Fate

      • If there are permanent hells: there must be permanent maintenance of those. Those who do that can’t stay there forever. As a difficult moment seems like an year… similarly with hells…I have it on my own authority. I have been through both of them…heavens and hells…they can’t be permanent. You hurt nobody else but yourself as we are all connected by a subtle thread.


      • Believe it or not, there are people in this world who are far away from redemption. Those who hurt innocent children, do cruel things to people/living beings just for fun or entertainment. Those who constantly lie leading to drastic consequences. I refuse to believe that those people who I have seen making the world a living hell for others with my own eyes will not rot in hell forever. Sure there would be some people who will spend a small amount of time in hell because they have committed a lesser evil but those who deserve it should be damned to an eternity in hell. Period.
        Again it’s my belief and I am not by any means going to impose it over anyone who believes otherwise. But I won’t stop believing it as well.


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