Lies – They protect us when we are children.

Break us once we grow old.

“Hush now dear children, It must be this way,
To weary of life and deceptions.
Rest now my children, For soon we’ll away,
Into the calm and the quiet”.

Wasn’t this what they sung to us when we were little? Told us we were suppose to be the guardians of this tale. And all the other tales that they made us believe in?

Did they change their assertions once we grew older?

Or did they lie all the while we stared at them in fascination?

But what are we suppose to do now? Now that we are no more children. And they are no more our tale tellers. Are we still the guardians of those tales. Or should we make a fake utterance like them and change it conventionally?

All these questions. All the inner conflict.

Only because we were lied to, as children – for the sake of our protection.

But now that we’re older – the same lies are breaking our existence.

And this is why I believe that –

Lies – They protect us when we are children.

Break us once we grow old.

– Sarah Rashid

PS. Crossed a thousand followers some weeks ago. Thanks to all of you – Have a nice day.

Don’t forget to be nice and do some good for others.




2 thoughts on “Deception.

    • This is what the inner conflicts are all about. You realize that things are not really the way you were told they were – And then you don’t know what to do. That is why it’s better to be aware of the truth since the beginning.

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