Sleep Paralysis 

Today I had my second encounter with what according to my research is called ‘Sleep Paralysis’. My first experience with this thing was during the christmas break. ‘Terrifying’, would be the word I’d like to use to describe both the episodes. 

 For those of you who don’t know what it is, Sleep Paralysis is a state in which a person is conscious, but is unable to move or talk or perform any such actions. Now I am no expert, so all I can say is that it has something to do with our brains and the Rapid Eye Movement ‘REM’.

People often say that during sleep paralysis, they usually feel something demonic, supernatural or simply a presence but well, according to science, sleep paralysis often comes with hallucinations, so that explains the demons and unwanted supernatural intruders. In my case, I don’t believe that I was visited by any demon (On a serious note: I do believe on demons, more on ones that live inside of us and create our dark sides. And since I am a ‘protector of myths’ I believe on each and every myth that exist, you just have to name it) – So as I was saying, No demon visited, however during the first experience, I hallucinated that the world was shaking, I didn’t know what was happening and I was ABSOLUTELY terrified! I couldn’t move, I wanted to scream and the worst of all, I knew I wasn’t dreaming. 

The second one was actually not that terrifying as the first one, at least I knew that I was having another ‘Sleep Paralysis Attack’ and good thing that it lasted just for a few seconds, however, the symptoms were as same as the first one, I couldn’t move, tried to scream but I had absolutely no control over myself. 

After it was over, I didn’t dare go to sleep. And thus the whole day was really crappy. So I just wanted you all to know what this Sleep Paralysis thingy is. It’s terrifying. No doubt, you feel like your time on Earth is over, but I guess I will deal with it just fine the next time it happens again. Yeah right. Me and sleep paralysis are good friends now 😀

-Sarah Rashid 🙂

-Peace ✌


33 thoughts on “Sleep Paralysis 

  1. This used to happened to me so often as a child and quite a few times in recent years. The scariest part for me is trying to cry out for help and nothing comes out. Thank you for writing this.

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  2. what if i can go into that state of sleep paralysis whenever i want to, I mean to say that i can make it happen whenever i want to i 8 times continuously i did in a night …. now u ll say about it…. as m trying to do something thats i try it again and again… i want to increase the time of my sleep paralysis..

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  3. !! I know that feel! I’ve had a few attacks before – the good thing is: if you know an attack is coming, it helps to know that you are able to control it, since you’re actually conscious. Plus certain sleeping positions seem to trigger sleep paralysis for some reason – I know that sleeping with a half-elevated upper body makes me more prone to the condition, so I try to avoid sleeping in that position.

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  4. During sleep paralysis you wake up while in R.E.M. Sleep. During R.E.M. your body is paralyzed so that you don’t act out your dreams. People aren’t usually supposed to wake during R.E.M. for this reason. So since you’ve woken up, your brain still hasn’t come fully out of dream mode and the hallucinations and sounds you may hear are actually your dreams still going on, which is super creepy.

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  5. I’ve been experiencing sleep paralysis since I was a child, terrifying when you are younger and you think what is happening to you is real. Now I only experience it about once a month, although this week I experienced it four times!

    How I cope after I have one – if you FULLY wake yourself up after having one, you shouldn’t slip back into it when you try to go to sleep later. This is what I didn’t do this week, hence why on one occasion I had three in a row.

    I know there is a video on youtube of a man who recorded himself having one, quite interesting to listen to his narrative of his dream and visually see how his body is reacting. Check it out if you are interested 🙂

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  6. It has happened to me couple of times, as a matter of fact. Its just that you’re up and not really at the same time.
    I have felt that great pressure on my chest that people talk about while having the episode in question, as if something demonic/supernatural is applying pressure by being (sitting/standing) on top of you.
    All in all, I believe that your mind is aware that you’re up at the time but it’s not fully active as you’re just jolted out of a deep sleep (or REMS).

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  7. Have experienced this many times since I was a teen.. Terrifying each time. Each time I am aware of the room, try to move.. even scream…always there are dark oppressive figure/s and a feeling of something pressing down on my chest. At times I feel as if suffocating. You have to struggle back to a waking state. Makes me at times dread going to sleep. X

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  8. It happens to me often and trust me it’s terrifying. Even during this sometimes I try to open my eyes telling my self that its just a dream, but after opening my eyes, oh gosh, I see that demon thing holding me tight to even move a finger…. And I close my eyes again, trying to shout for help, but nothing I can do for several minutes and then this thing it self leaves me, sweating, shivering and sometime crying….

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