It is possible to make a beautiful fire even in the snow.

So we will let our dreams take flight

And our hearts ignite

Did you know that it’s true

Everything is possible 

There’s nothing we can’t do

It’s a wild and beautiful fire

And I believe in you.

-Believe by Shawn Mendes.

Hey. I know I am not really writing anything that make sense lately, but I am a little lost right now.And a lot of things are not making any sense to me as well. Nothing big. But I’ve been overthinking a lot lately. And I like or not, it’s taking a toll on my blogging.

To be honest, the response that I get from other bloggers even when my own writing doesn’t satisfy me is really fascinating. So that pushes me to keep writing even on days when I am feeling low. 

The stuff that I wrote above was not suppose to be the part of this post. But, whatever. In this post, I am going to copy-paste one of my old post from February 2015. I was really new to blogging back then but when I read that post today, it felt like one of the best thing I’ve ever written. So without any further delay, here it goes:


SUCCESS was, is, and will be the most wanted factor in a person’s life. It demands you dedication, honesty, time and your STRUGGLE. If we see and observe the life of the most successful people of the year in present, we may be left stunned by the number of failures and hardship the respective person might have faced. People who set their goals to achieve success at a young age with no or little experience are often discouraged by the society and are also advised by people to stay calm and keep their passions depth low. But researches have proved that those young people who set to find their destinations at young age are tend to be more successful than those who keep weaving their teenage dreams but make no efforts to work upon them. And then finally become the employees of those brilliant minds who used to bleed themselves to work when those teenagers used to be busy partying.

Recently, my passion for books led me to read a book named “THE MAGIC OF THINKING BIG’. The book was indeed magical the contents of the book were,

  1. Believe that you can succeed and you will
  2. Cure yourself of excusitis, the failure disease
  3. Build confidence and destroy fear
  4. How to think big
  5. How to think and dream creatively
  6. You are what you think you are
  7. How to turn defeat into victory

These were SOME of the magical book’s contents. The rest of them were also good but these were The Best. The moral of the whole topic was that YOUare the only person who knows what you can do. At many stages of life, people may discourage you, criticize you, and force you but the end of the day, YOU ARE YOUR OWN HERO. You will see the result of your success and in the whole painful journey, you’ll know the REALITY of this world.

The End.

I don’t know if many of you have read it before but I had to post it.

-Thanks for reading

-Have a good day

– Be nice; do good

-Sarah Rashid ☺


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