Expressing myself to 100 now.

We’re soaring, flying, there’s not a star in heaven that we can’t see.

If we’re trying, yeah we’re breaking free.

-Breaking Free, High School Musical

So. Here I am. When I first created this blog, I was 13. Now, I am 15. In these two years I literally had one or two people following my blog.

It was just a month ago, on a normal sunny day, that people actually started to read and comment on my work. They started to follow me and well, I was so overwhelmed. I am still trying to figure out what changed suddenly. 

I was still me, I still used to write just what used to come to my mind. There were times I felt that I was just messing around. But I didn’t give up on this thing. This amazing thing called Sentinel Of Phantasm.

Yes I did change. That 13 years old me and this 15 years old me are poles apart. But I didn’t give up on my writing. Maybe stopped for some months but I was unable to leave it. This, is my relief from all the daily life drama and stress. This, is my achievement.

And now that I look back to all those years I struggled with my work. I realize that I could never give up on my blog. It’s something worth my time, something that made me feel known. Something that gives me hope that I can  always dream and achieve. Because I can.

-Thank you to all the followers. I am so so thankful to all of you I don’t think I can ever explain how much. I know I am still very inexperienced and my writing need so much more improvement. But the fact that you people always like and appreciate my work gives me a feeling that I am going the right way. The way which would get me to my destination. Thanks once again. All of you. 

PS: What I really wanted to say was -‘yayyyyyyyyy 100 followers, GOD I am running out of words’- But well, my words and hands betray me sometimes.

-Thanks for reading this.

 -Be nice, do good 🙂

-Sarah Rashid  ðŸ™‚


41 thoughts on “Expressing myself to 100 now.

  1. Congrats! Look at how many you have now. When I saw you followed my blog, I was honoured. You’re an excellent writer and you seem to have a deep sense of humanity. Looking forward to seeing where your heart & talents will take you 🙂

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