Recognize Your Super Power.


We are living in a world which is being destroyed, piece by piece, in each second that we breath. There are tons of problems that this world is facing and whether we address them or not, there are problems lurking around in the corner for our future generations. Be it global warming, which we may or may not know, could destroy our planet in the worst way possible or be it terrorism, or wars, or maybe even child labor even though WHO CARES UNTIL OR UNLESS IT’S NOT YOUR OWN CHILD  WHO’S WORKING AT THE AGE WHEN THEY SHOULD HAVE BEEN IN A SCHOOL LEARNING THINGS LIKE HOW COULD THEY CONSERVE FOSSIL FUELS.

Don’t worry, These are just four problems that I mentioned. And the irony is that some of them aren’t even considered “major issues”. And why should any of this be considered? after all, don’t we have Superman, Batman, Captain America, Iron man, and Aqua man *Don’t forget that the sea creatures also need some serious rescue* to save the day.

Okay, so personally, I am a HUGE superman fan but *tada!* time to realize that those people aren’t real. They won’t save the day when most of the world population would be uneducated, they won’t be able to help when the frequent oil spills, mercury and lead contamination in the oceans, and all the marine pollution would eventually lead to the painful deaths and extinctions of the most common sea creatures, nor would they be there to help when the world would be a peace-less place which it has become just now, at least the half of it.

So the point is that this is delusion and imagination of the human beings. We can’t be dependent on someone else to save the day. In the end, we have to be our own superhero. Even when you and I are no world leaders or public figures, we shouldn’t fail in playing our parts to protect this world which is just so close to destruction.

We can at least try to save ourselves, or fellow homo-sapiens, and yes at the same time we should continues watching and believing at all those superhero’s movies not with the  hope that they will save the day when time comes *And once again, the day is saved, thanks to the Power Puff Girls!, Sorry, couldn’t help myself* so yeah, we should watch Batman VS Superman and Justice League and Captain America etc etc not with some false hope that they’ll save us, but with hope that we can learn something good out of them, something helpful, something that would make us a better person for ourselves and the world.

-Play your part. Be kind. Do good.

-Thanks for reading

-PS: I hope you’re all having a great weekend!

-Sarah Rashid.



6 thoughts on “Recognize Your Super Power.

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