Be equals, Be fair.

Hello. Hope all of you are doing good. These past two days have been a little hectic for me, taking buses back forth to the city  because my high school is in the main city. These long days were the reason why I was inactive but well, here I am now.

Today, I want to talk something that kind of bothered me today. Now as we all know that even though the world had been and is developing really quickly, people’s views are getting more and more modernized, technology is improving real quick. The gender discrimination has decreased. Loads. But unfortunately, it’s still there.

In some countries, it’s extreme and painful while in a very few countries, it is ‘Bearable’ not that it should be. It shouldn’t be ‘acceptable’ or ‘bearable’ even if it is barely there. A person shouldn’t put up with any of this load. Men shouldn’t be considered greater than a women just like women shouldn’t be given more value than men.

In today’s world, unfortunately, men are given more benefits and value than women. A man working in the same post and position as a woman still gets higher salary than the woman.

A women wearing makeup, makes her ‘fake’ while I’ve never heard a man being called ‘fake’ on the ground of his appearance or attempts to look more classy or handsome.

My opinion on this matter is simple. I think most of the people in today’s world don’t willing do or support gender discrimination. Just now, it has become something people have just learned from the past and don’t realize that what they are actually doing is not right.  People have become accustomed to these ways.

People have gotten so used to this that they have actually came to terms with this. Which seems just SO wrong. Even if the discrimination is in a small or large form, it is not acceptable to accept it. Protest. Don’t accept. Giving up is never the option. Because some people are in a dire need of realization.

Because whether you are a man or a woman, you should have the right to be equal to every single other person of this world.

PS: I wrote above that this mattered bothered me a lot today. It isn’t because I faced something like this or anything. Just a discussion in the classroom made me think about this topic.


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