The school bell rang and students came running out of their respective classes. There was a different kind of hustle bustle in the entire school. After all it was Friday and everybody was excited for the weekend. All but one.

Lucy came out of her classroom bumping into the hyper and over excited students of her school. Everybody was buzzing. It was the last week of the school before the summer holidays. Monday was the career presentation day. Everybody in her class has already decided what they wanted to do. But Lucy was still clueless. She had tried a couple of things a person can do for a living but she was sure that she would never want to do any of those things. One thing that she had tried, was cooking, but not only did she fail miserably, but had also been forbidden to cook in the kitchen as long as her mom was alive.

Now she was helpless. Lucy only had two days to figure out what she wanted to do with her life. Or else she would be considered that kid in school who would forever live with her parents money or bank loans.And there was no way Lucy was letting that happen. After all she had a reputation and future to maintain.

So, Lucy spent the next two days trying out things one could have as a profession. She wanted to do something that would make her heart happy but she could still earn a good amount of  money through it. She tried to sing, but ended up getting kicked out of her own room because her brother thought that his ears were bleeding and OH she also broke his guitar’s string. She tried dancing but her head began to spin and she thought it was really tiring. She tried to write something to see how it goes and if she could ever have a chance at being a writer but after writing the second line, she ran out of words. This went on and by the end of the weekend, Lucy thought she had tried all kinds of things like painting, computer programming and acting. She had a lesson about software developing from her brother but GOD, SHE HATED EVERY MINUTE OF IT.

On Monday morning, Lucy woke up with a heavy heart. She had nothing in mind that she could chose to study as a field. Nothing satisfied her. She was sure that she would be a laughing stock today, at school. She accepted her defeat.

She got ready for school as usual. On her way to school, she felt a movement in a bush nearby as she stopped, she heard a small whine. She felt something deep within her, something calling out to her. She went on to see what was behind the bush. As she saw what it was, her heart clenched. A small puppy with wounds under his belly, was lying there. It was a deep gush. She acted on her pure instincts and took it with her back home even though she was getting late for school. She tended to his wounds like a mother would to her injured child, gave him food and laid him back in shoe box in her room. She reluctantly left her house again for school after making sure that the puppy was comfortable. But once she left her house, she knew just exactly what she going to give a presentation about. She had made up her mind and her brain and heart were satisfied. She knew just knew that if tending to animals is what gave her peace, A VETERINARIAN SHE IS GOING TO BE.career-390757_960_720





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