Once Upon A Birthday.

Elo. Hope you all are doing good. There are only like six more days left of the summer vacations. I am really disappointed that I did nothing interesting all summer.  The summer is almost over, at least the intense heat is. *Thankfully*. Today, I was gonna talk about something funny that once happened to me and that is related to one of my favorite board games, Scrabble *_*. Seriously, I am IN LOVE  with that game. I’ve been playing it since sixth grade.

The game was introduce to me when I was 9 or 10 years old, but I started playing because I was being sent to an Inter-school Scrabble Championship by my school. I was a beginner back then so I had quit the game in the 3rd round itself  *there were total 5 rounds in the championship*. Since then, I was quite obsessed with the game. I started to play it online all the time because I unfortunately didn’t have a scrabble back then.

But then, came my favorite day of the year. My birthday 😉 That day after cutting the cake, I unwrapped all my gifts. I knew one of my uncle had gotten me scrabble because, you know, I selected it myself 😛 But once I unwrapped all of my presents, I had two scrabbles 😛  Yup, coincidentally,  my youngest uncle had also gotten me a scrabble board game 😛 It was then that I realized that maybe I was so over-obsessed with that game that it didn’t give people much choice about what I would like as a present.

One of those two scrabbles’ is still somewhere in the store room, as packed as the day I received it. Not that I loved it any less than the first one. I just want to fully USE UP  or you can say wear out the one I am using right now so that I can someday open the second one.

-Sarah Rashidpexels-photo-38941


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