Dream became fear.

It was used to be my favorite spot. The slope. Flying has always been my dream. I mean if I would ever have a super power, I would want it to be flight. So whenever I used to cycle down that slope, my cycle would pick up speed. My flying hairs and the wind hitting my face would give me a sense of freedom. I would feel as if I was flying free. But I guess all good things must come to an end.

   One extremely windy day, as I was coming down that  favorite spot of mine. My cycle picked up speed as usual. But that day, I didn’t get to enjoy that sense of freedom or the wind hitting my face. Dread and terror filled me up. *okayy so maybe I am exaggerating this a bit* But there was this car right infront of me. I lost control. Didn’t apply brakes. And *Bam* yup, I flew away from my cycle. I was injured. I still regret it till this day that I didn’t apply brakes but in my defence, I had this weird fantasy. I used to think that if I touch brakes while coming down a slope, the cycle would turn upside down. I know, I know 😆Foolish. 

   But well. That was the last day when I flew. I don’t have any more desire to  literally fly. No. It became a fear actually. That “Once-favorite” spot of mine is something that gives me goosebumps now. In a negative way. I don’t think I can ever cycle down slopes now. But this is my fear. And you overcome fears, not live with them. 

-Sarah Rashid


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