Are you really LIVING life?

To all the people living their lives with blood in their veins and to the ones with adrenaline mixed in their blood, Hello! Well you’re maybe wondering what do I mean by that. But well I would be lying if I said I mean absolutely nothing by that because there is a very big reason why I wrote that. First of all, people who experience adrenaline rush remember it forever, observing from my experiences of it. I can’t ever forget all those times I’ve had adrenaline rush. So yeah, when I say that there is huge difference between those people who, never take risks, never face their fears, and don’t try out things which would make them breathless and speechless and those who do everything possible to make their metabolism increase, I mean it.

I’m not someone who is always ready to go on adventures and take risks neither am I fearless. I fear a lot of things, trust me. Some months ago, I was maybe that one person on earth who feared everything. Speed, heights, water, darkness and insects. But I actually faced all these fears, with hesitation, at first but it was the most AMAZING thing. I felt like I actually LIVED all those moments I faced my fears and took risks.

We don’t know what the worst could be. So why not try? why live your life under a shell, not discovering the beauty of outside?  I feel like there’s nothing bad in trying. You NEED to live your life. Don’t let anything come in between you and the lessons you could learn on your way to your road to success because everyone wants to eat your fruit of success but no one is ever ready to share your poison of failure with you.



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