Story time!

Hey! Long time?? You see there aren’t really any people waiting for me to update so whenever I think maybe I should publish something, I stop, thinking what difference would it make? Well it feels wrong but never mind all I can do is try to get some people to follow me? I’ll start that mission from tomorrow, Okay. Back to the topic, There is this story I’ve been waiting to write, I made it up, obviously. How did I? Well that would be an interesting question.                                                                                                                                                I was just lying on my bed, doing nothing when a thought struck me . I thought about it real hard. ‘Why do every story have a Prince Charming?’ or you say ‘Why is every Disney Princess, well Elsa is an exception, should be a Damsel in Distress?’ The thought that followed was, ‘Would a story without a Prince Charming will be interesting?, Can the Princess save herself?, Why not?’ And just like that I thought of a scenario, I named it ‘Story’ 😛 and kind of penned it down, so here goes nothing…                                                                                                            Once Upon A Time, In the Kingdom of Virginia was born a Princess, with dark hazel eyes, curly blond hair, and milky white skin, She was the perfect combination of a beauty and delicateness. But only time could have told if she was actually suppose to be as delicate as she looked or would she have that fierceness in her character that no female in her family ever had. She was after all, ‘a firstborn’, Born to rule. With or without a man by her side.                                                                                                                                                                          As time passed, years went by and soon the princess turned 16, At the age of 16, she was the best archer of the country, after her father, She could speak out her thoughts fearlessly in front of a huge crowd and she possessed an aura of power. At the same time, people of her kingdom adorned the way she interacted with them. They could already see their future leader in her. But many didn’t actually approved of the way she acted, including many of her father’s courtiers. They didn’t like the way she often stood up for the women in the court against her father when they actually saw the women as a really weak object at that time, but they had no permission to say anything about it when the king thought there was nothing wrong with the way the princess acted. Not when he was thinking of giving the crown to her once she turned 18.                                                                                                         The time came for the king to announce his decision, and needless to say, the courtiers were the least happiest.But they had a plan and a leader, the most rebellious one of them all MacFin . They agreed to give the position to him once the princess gave up on it, of which they were sure. After all, their plan had no loop holes and while it was really simple, they knew how much triggered the princess would be. To Be Continued…


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